Christmas Velvet Envelopes for 5×7 inch prints: Infuse Your Holiday Memories with Cozy Velvet Elegance | The Ultimate Festive Keepsake


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? Get ready to infuse this holiday season with an extra dose of enchantment! Christmas is the time when we embrace love, warmth, and the wonder of the season. What better way to do that than with our captivating ultimate festive keepsake envelopes?

✨ Elegant Festive Touch:
Picture holding our Velvet Envelopes, little treasures that capture the essence of the holidays. Carefully crafted, these enchanting envelopes are designed to elevate your Christmas celebrations. Our M-sized envelopes are the ideal fit for your 5×7 inch (13×19 cm) Christmas photographs. Choose from three enchanting colors: Burgundy, Cinnamon, and Green Velvet.

? Gift of Cherished Memories:
The holiday season is all about creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Our Velvet Envelopes are not just envelopes; they are keepsakes that beautifully safeguard your most cherished holiday moments. Whether you’re preserving memories of joyful gatherings, festive decorations, or special gifts, these envelopes are a stylish solution.

? A Palette of Choices:
Our Velvet Envelopes come in three alluring colors, each with its own distinct charm. Burgundy is deep and rich, evoking warmth and opulence. Cinnamon offers a cozy and inviting embrace, reminiscent of the comforting scents of the season. Green Velvet brings to life the enchanting evergreens of Christmas, with a touch of nature’s freshness. Select the color that resonates with your festive spirit and let your holiday photographs bask in its radiance.

? Safeguarded with Love:
These enchanting Velvet Envelopes are securely button-closed, ensuring your precious holiday memories are safely preserved. It’s more than just a physical closure; it’s a promise to protect the moments that mean the most to you, ready to be revisited whenever you desire.

? Elegance in Your Holiday Decor:
Visualize a holiday display adorned with Velvet Envelopes in shades of Burgundy, Cinnamon, and Green Velvet. Place them under the Christmas tree or as part of your holiday table decor. They are more than just photo holders; they are decorations in themselves, adding a touch of opulence to your festivities.

? Photographers’ Holiday Delight:
Photographers, this is your chance to elevate your holiday packaging game. Delight your clients with these exquisite Velvet Envelopes. They’re not just a means of delivering photos; they are gifts in themselves. Enhance your professional image and ensure your clients receive their holiday memories with a touch of luxury.

? Experience Velvet Magic:
Our Velvet Envelopes are a testament to the power of the soft, luxurious texture of velvet. It cradles your holiday photographs, protecting them from dust and damage, ensuring that the magic of the season is preserved for years to come.

? Sizes for Every Holiday Moment:
Our Velvet Envelope Festlive Keepsake comes in three sizes to suit your holiday needs:

S 4×6 inch (10×15 cm): Ideal for intimate moments, cozy family photos, or special holiday snapshots.
M 5×7 inch (13×19 cm): Perfect for capturing the magic of larger gatherings and holiday scenes.
L 6×9 inch (15×23 cm): When you want to make a grand statement, preserving your most cherished holiday memories in style.

✨ Elevate Your Holiday Gift-Giving:
Searching for the perfect holiday gift? Our Velvet Envelopes make for a thoughtful and stylish present. Whether it’s a token of appreciation, a heartfelt gesture, or a Christmas surprise, these envelopes add a touch of elegance to your gifting. Personalize them with a heartfelt message, a name, or a significant date.

? Keepsakes for Generations:
Holiday memories are timeless, and our Velvet Envelopes are designed to match that timelessness. As the years go by, your Velvet Envelopes will develop a rich patina, becoming heirlooms in their own right. They’re a gift to your future self and generations to come.

? Celebrate Every Occasion:
While they’re perfect for the holiday season, our Velvet Envelopes aren’t limited to just Christmas. They’re versatile and meaningful, making them the ideal choice for a range of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. They’re your go-to solution for storing and gifting precious memories.

? Customization Options:
Personalize your Ultimate Festive Keepsake with a name, a message, or even a festive graphic. These envelopes can be laser engraved, making them a unique and memorable addition to your holiday traditions.

? Order Yours Today:
The magic of the holiday

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Velvet Burgundy, Velvet Cinnamon, Velvet Green




M – 13x19cm | 5x7in



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