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Please look at our offer, choose the envelope or accessory that suits your need and style. Now all you have to do is to place a specific order in our shop (choose an envelope style, material, size), customize it if that’s your game and… click order in checkout.

After placing an order you’ll be able to pay through PayPal, send us direct bank transfer or just choose DotPay – choice is yours.
One envelope is designed to fit 60 prints.However we’ve found out that it looks as good with smaller amounts, so it’s event applicable for portrait photo shoots where you usually don’t have this much prints. If you ever need bigger capacity, please contact us.
Currently we are customizing our products with two techniques depending on the material used. The best method for embossing on leather is hot-stamping. We’ve got pre-designed stamps to choose from though you can also add your own stamp. For velvet and paper products there is an option of laser engraving that’s far more acccurate and good-looking on these fabrics. Just see customization options of each envelope before you add them to the basket.
We currently offer variety of produts you can order with no MOQ (minimum order quantity). Therefore, we don’t do free samples, however we offen do promos, seasonal sales and other sale actions, and if you really struggle to make this first jump – write to us, we will figure something out together Here in STORY IS HERE we’re all about customer service, long-term relations and community support.
Not yet – but! We’re trying to make it happen ASAP. Want to be the first one to know?Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.
As soon as the payment is done we’re starting to work on your order. Each envelope is made by hand, therefore it takes more time to make it than other mass produced packages. On the other hand it doesn’t take ages and the turn around time is within 14 days (from placing order to shipping). If the order is more complex (30+ pieces, customized, etc.) it can get longer, however we will surely inform you if that’s going to happen.
We’re from Poland, central Europe. We are part of European Union. We ship Worldwide:
  • Poland
    Inpost / Fedex / DPD / Postal Service
  • EU and rest of the World
    Postal Service / DPD / Fedex
Your country is not listed or you live outside Europe? Write us at if you’re not sure how to finalize your order – we will see what we can do about it.
Yes, certainly. We will provide you with receipt including VAT Tax fee 23% if you are placed in Poland, EU country and Ireland if you don’t have viable EU VAT number. However if you have got a viable EU VAT number, or you are outside of EU territory, then you are eligible for 0% VAT tax fee. Taxes are and should be automatically adjusted first of all dependent on your region and secondarly based on applied data during checkout – if you are uncertain just write us a message and we will double check if you are eligible for 0% tax order.