Hand made


Story has began

We like to think, that our envelopes are a kind of warm, cozy onesie for memories ;) It is leather packaging for photographers that's full of grit when it comes to protecting against weather and hands of other people while retaining it's own style. Designing our envelopes we've decided to go with pure and minimalist form, but with strong emphasis on their functionality. As for material the choice was quite obvious for us - we've decided on genuine leather right from the beginning.

Why genuine leather?

It's robust, noble and natural material, very light-weight and handy (compared with other packaging formats, i.e. wooden boxes, photo books). It is evergreen, lasts forever and  has as many warmth as our photographs and stories they carry. Leathers structure is not ideal, therefore it easily differs from artificial materials.

The character

Every scratch, mark, bend not only does not lower it's value, but it gradually builds up it's character. Thanks to these properties our envelopes despite of being carved out of form, remain their uniqueness and individuality. Over the years they will only gain patina, acquire scents, they will grow old in a beautiful way and their value will only increase.

It's a craft

Every leather envelope tells a different story, every single one of them carved out of genuine leather with passion in local workshop in Poland. Our packaging have an artistic and unique value among mass produced packaging that's flooding us right now. Story is here is solid craftsmanship, that guarantees taking care of every little detail with highest quality.

Made for change

Envelopes can be modified to suit your needs in various ways. First of all by choosing the model that goes with your style perfectly, then by choosing one of leathers... but wait, there's more! Now you can customize them with hot-stamps! Stamping your own logo or favorite quote will give it a unique character. You can order your own stamp or just go with one of our designs.